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I use this app faithfully. It helps me to get in short workouts in the am & pm, from my 2 min plank, up to 15 min arm/leg workouts. It also has workout plans if you don’t want to pick your own & reminders in my calendar. LOVE IT! Here we provide Workout Trainer: fitness coach V 8.0 for Android 4.0++ Fresh, fun workouts at your fingertips! Use Workout Trainer to get in *your best shape* with thousands of multimedia workouts and custom training programs. Workout Trainer is a TOP app on Google Play — download it now for FREE!

Whether you like doing bodyweight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gym, Workout Trainer will help you get and stay fit with thousands of workouts just for you. Our expert coaches will guide you through every exercise with timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instruction – complete with the motivation you need to crush your fitness goals! Choose your area of focus: weight loss, chiseled abs, tight glutes, strength training, yoga & more.

Enjoy these awesome features to help you lose weight, tone up, and get strong:
✓ Follow along as our coaches guide you with audio instructions and progress cues
✓ See beautiful exercise photos and videos that explain every move
✓ Complete our free virtual fitness assessment for tailored recommendations
✓ Schedule workouts and get reminders on your Android phone, tablet & watch!
✓ Fresh content with Workout of the Week challenges + new programs
✓ Enroll in custom training programs that help you achieve your goals
✓ Create your own workouts: use our exercise library with instant audio
✓ Learn new exercises or perfect your form with Exercise 101
✓ Follow our TRAINERS who post workouts, tips & photos to help you stay motivated
✓ Share workouts via Text Message, Email, Facebook and Twitter
✓ Play your favorite music while working out (Spotify, etc.)
✓ Discover our 20 million member community of exercisers
✓ Try community workouts


NEW: Stay on track and reach your 2017 fitness goals faster with the support of a dedicated trainer. Browse through hundreds of real coaches and select your perfect match for 1:1 Online Personal Training. Get started with the flexibility and affordability you need, for as little as $25/week. That's a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer at the gym! 😉

Our trainer tools help you coach your clients near and far!
⊕ Build your brand with an innovative Trainer profile that showcases your specialties
⊕ Grow your business with our Online Personal Training marketplace – it's easy & FREE!
⊕ Take on remote clients in your off hours and earn extra income
⊕ Maximize your time by creating and sending easy-to-follow workouts
⊕ Use our extensive 2000+ exercise library or add your own moves
⊕ Track client progress and hold them accountable in a fun way
⊕ Connect with Skimble's 20 million member community
⊕ Learn tips & tricks from other experts
★ Sign up as a 'FITNESS PROFESSIONAL' to set up your free TRAINER profile!!! ★

Workout Trainer can synchronize your calories burned during workouts to the Google Fit app on your device. Everything tracked in Skimble's Workout Trainer app also syncs with the website so you can connect with the active community that has made Workout Trainer a top free phone, tablet & Android Wear watch app in Healthcare & Fitness.

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I have been using this app for 5 years now. Tried several fitness apps, this is the one I stuck with. I train 5-6 days a week. Always with this app. I have created my own workout collections, programs etc on here. They even let you use your own photos and workout descriptions. A lot of workouts on there are free, but I still subscribe to Pro+, because I feel the need to give back to this app. It has become the only social media for me now and my only fitness app. From Yoga to MMA to Crossfit, Tabata, Functional Training, Rock-climbing , weight lifting... You name it, they got it.. A great organizing tool, whether you're a beginner or Pro (like myself). Their admin support is awesome. I absolutely love it and I am fitter than ever, have made friends with great people, much of it thanks to this great workout tool. Love this app!!!!
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✓ Fresh training content for 2017 - crush your New Year's fitness resolution!✓ Online Personal Training marketplace: start 1:1 training with a real personal trainer✓ Easily see available trainers who are offering a Free Trial✓ PRO+ members can create public and private programs (great for clients)✓ Streamlined sending of training content from trainers to clients✓ Continuous user experience improvements