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WordPress is the official tool for the content management system focused on blog creation, WordPress. You can use it to manage all of your blog’s details: create entries, moderate comments, edit the template, check out the stats.

Welcome to WordPress, one of the most popular blogging networks in the world. The app version of the service tries to make it easier for bloggers to update their blogs and improve their determination. Create an account and log in with your own WordPress site (.org or .com, it doesn’t matter).

The mobile application includes some of the most important sections: you’re able to view the site and stats in order to study your success. In addition, you can post comments, media files and even publish new pages. So why do you even need the website for? If that wasn’t enough, you can also change the theme and the overall settings.

You can do all of this thanks to its interface which has been especially designed to satisfy the needs of users with touch screen devices. This way, you can perfectly manage your blog using a mobile phone; although you’ll get better results using any Android-based tablet.

The only interesting feature from the web application that isn’t included in this Android version is the one that automatically saves your entries. This is a problem because if your Android device unexpectedly turns off then you might lose all of the work you haven’t saved until then; this doesn’t happen when working from the browser.

WordPress is a fantastic blog management tool that should be installed on the devices of anyone who owns one of these sites. The number of features and the way they are presented makes it a tremendously useful tool.

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  • Android: 4.0 and up
  • Version: V5.5-rc-3
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Editors Notes
Design has improved quite a bit and it's now a well-designed tool with a very simple and intuitive interface: anyone who's used the web version will find it extremely easy to understand.
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Changelog / What's New in V5.5-rc-3
Your wish is our command: now, you can update your Gravatar from the app by tapping your profile picture on the Me screen. Select an image from your library, or take a new photo. Logged into WordPress on your computer in the Chrome browser? Google’s Smart Lock for Passwords now pre-fills your username and password in the app. A few bugs and wonky display issues in the Reader and the Comment List are all spruced up.