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Easy to use. Very helpful to keep track of my cycle. I have it for a very long time. My data is backed up on my Dropbox so even when i changed my phone all my information were there when reinstalled on my new phone Here we provide Woman diary (calendar) V 2.8.9 for Android 2.3.2++ “Women's Calendar” is a very simple and easy to use calendar for monitoring the status of your monthly period, as well as determining the date of ovulation and the fertile period (the possibility to become pregnant).
Also, the program will be useful for those who play sports. In the advanced settings you can keep what you are interested in, i. e. weight in the evening, calories burned during exercise, weight of the favorite kitten … 🙂
This program can not only keep track on menses but replace multiple applications too. The application conveniently monitors the ovulation, cycle and fertile period, as well as the change in weight, waist, breast, hips, pressure and heart rate, and displays all the data in the chart.
You will love your pet at a glance. The program also has a daily reminder so that you do not forget to weigh in at the same time.

Utilities :
– monitoring of the menstrual cycle and period
– prediction of ovulation and the fertile period
– chart of basal body temperature
– data backup and restore
– pet
– mood (79)
– symptoms (57)
– weight chart
– waist chart
– hip chart
– breast chart
– blood pressure
– pulse
– 10 themes at your choice
– password protection (numeric or textual at your choice)
– daily reminder to weigh in
– possibility to set any time convenient for you
– notification of the cycle beginning
– notification of the possibility to get pregnant
– notification of ovulation
– possibility to schedule the date and time of the notification
– possibility to set the notification time
– automatic weekly backup
– body mass index
– note

Additional advantages:
– very simple logic of data input
– quick and easy to use settings
– compatible with HD graphics tablets
– absolute speed of your data processing

Additionally, in the PRO version:
– mode « pregnancy »
– widgets (3)
– daily reminder to take pills
– mood with choice of variations
– symptoms with choice of variations
– pet (+3)
– possibility to import the database from free version
– choice of input parameters
– possibility to set one’s photo on the background
– possibility to add one’s new symptoms
– possibility to add one’s new mood
– choice of symptoms to monitor
– choice of mood to monitor
– possibility to monitor many users
– 3 additional parameters at your choice
– no ads

Moreover, the program is free.
We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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