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Quite useful if you’ve got a power button that doesn’t work, makes you look cool too but there are two things about it that suck, one is that it takes a lot of your battery juice and the other thing is, when the screen is locked It shows the “wave lock activated” thing which is pretty annoying. Also, a weird Hand sign on the notification bar. This is still the best app I found and I would definitely recommend it! Here we provide Wave to Unlock and Lock V for Android 2.3.4++
Do not support Xiaomi Redmi 3S.

Wave Lock(Wave to Unlock) is the app use proximity sensor to lock and unlock screen by way wave your hand over the proximity sensor. Protect power button on your phone.

● If you can unlock, please open settings and enable "Fix Unlock" function to retry
● When wave lock not working maybe wave lock service is killed by System or Clean Master app. Please try to check power manager on your device I think can it set app in list power save this can make app not run stable

● On Xiaomi device. Please try to do the following tip to make app run stable:
1. Open app
2. Open recent task
3. Drag and drop wave lock icon to bottom when wave lock icon will appear with icon lock

Support multiple languages (English, Vietnamese, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Polish, German, Indonesian, French, Simplified Chinese, Hungarian, Arabic)
● Wave hands over proximity sensor to lock and unlock screen
● In pocket(Do not turn on screen when to put your phone in pocket)
● Easy pause and play app via notification center.
● Disable in Landscape to avoid lock screen when playing game or watching video
● Allow set sensitivity for proximity sensor
● Set time delay before lock screen

[User Guide]
Press button "UNINSTALL" in the app. Or you have to go to "Settings—>Security—>Device administrators" to unchecked Wave Lock administrator policy and after uninstalling Wave Lock app same as normal way .

Wave Lock(Wave to Unlock) app free and every easy use. When to use app if you issue any error, please feedback for me
Setup and enjoy!!!

If app not working you can use old version here:
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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Editors Notes
Hey team! Your work is excellent. This app is very much different from other sensor(Proximity) on off apps.BUT ONE ISSUE! THIS APP ONLY WORKS UNTIL IT IS RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND. Once we powee boost our device, it doesn't work. Please fix this issue. Apart from it the app is brilliant
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Version Improve the Pocket mode when the phone is horizontal