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Here we provide Wave – The easiest way to meet V 2.2.17 for Android 2.3.4+ The easiest way to meet up with friends!

Millions of people have found in Wave a solution to arrive faster to spend more time with what really matters: friends and family. It's the end of the era of calling back and forth, sending static locations, messages saying where are you…

The following 3 steps are all you need to know to start waving:

1. Send a request to your friend to accept a wave so that you can see each other in a map for a limited time.

2. As soon as the request is accepted, you both see a dynamic map where your icons move as you both are doing in real life at that moment. You can also chat and set a meeting point. Missing somebody? Don't worry, you can create groups of max.10 people.

3. Either of you can add more time or expire the existing wave at any moment. If the time you chose expires itself, you automatically stop seeing each other until you decide to open another wave together.

The best of it all: Wave is 100% private!

🍻 Get-togethers with friends.
🎤 Concerts and festivals.
⚽ Big sport events.
👫 Date nights.
🗻 Mountain biking with friends.
🏂 Skiing trips.
🏙 Tourism in new cities.
💼 Private business meetings.

Wave was created for you, thinking of everything you need when you want to meet up with somebody or when you need to know where your loved ones are.

TOGETHER is a wonderful place to be – Wave.


if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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