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Vine is a simple app that lets you create short videos any time you want and it also lets you share them quickly and easily with all of your friends in a matter of seconds.

Vine was launched on January for iOS, but it has taken a long time to land on Android. In case you don’t know, it’s a yet another social network, we could say similar to Instagram, but based not on pics or animated gifs, but short six second video clips. You can shoot your video through the app and it will automatically cap it to meet the six seconds limit.

The way it works is quite similar to other social networks, such as Instagram, in the sense that you can create videos from the same app, give them a name, add a location (if you want), and share it automatically using Vine. It’ll even let you share the video through Twitter and Facebook!

In order to record a video, you’ll only have to push on the screen and your device will start recording. Each time you take your finger off of the screen the video will pause, which means you can make a sophisticated video in no time.

Just like in all social networks, with Vine you can follow other users that upload engaging videos, and you can also gain more followers to watch all of the videos that you make.

Similarly, you can search tagged videos easily, such as ones about food, people, nature, sports, or, more importantly, cat videos.

Vine is a new way to stay in touch because you’ll be able to share with your friends what you are doing in just a few seconds. Why send a mere photo when you could send a short video? Lastly, the videos that you make will remain saved on your cell phone.

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Very practical application, there are a lot of features, easy to use, you can download, highly recommended.
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