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TwoDots is a minimalistic puzzle game where players have to match colored dots within a grid to make them disappear. Sound easy? Actually, it’s harder than it sounds.

When matching dots, you’ll have to take into account a number of rules. The first is that you can only connect dots of the same color. You also have to make sure these connections are done in horizontal or vertical lines and not diagonals. With those rules in mind, you can match as many dots as possible without lifting your finger from the screen.

Welcome to TwoDots, a new minimalist puzzle game which will captivate those who were fans of Dots and other casual games which actually make you think.

What’s the objective? Simply remove the dots by connecting two of the same color. Remember that the connection can be done vertically and horizontally, so you will need to think and reflect on how to accomplish bigger challenges.

Reach the target in the fewest possible moves and see how challenge soons becomes pretty difficult to face.

Another useful rule in TwoDots is that if the matched dots close a square or a rectangle of the same color, all the dots of that color will disappear. So, using this rule and the others mentioned before it, you have to get rid of a certain number of dots on each level.

In total, you’ll find more than 100 different levels. In each you’ll have to eliminate a specific number of dots in a series of certain colors. And in certain cases it will be anything but easy.

TwoDots is a puzzle game that’s easy to learn but quite a lot harder to master. Besides this, it has a beautiful look and a ton of levels.

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A game with amazingly minimalist graphics and a proper design and usability. Definitely entertaining and worthy of a download.
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Changelog / What's New in V2.10.1
You relaxed on the beaches of Turtle Bay; now it's time to ride the surf of the Roving Isles! There are 25 new Water levels waiting for you now! This version also includes various performance optimizations and bug fixes.