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Tumblr, the most popular ‘blogging’ social network of the moment, has its own official application for Android devices that lets you carry out a lot of actions from your iOS terminal.

Among the included possibilities inside the App, apart from uploading text, images, videos or music, you will also find one to directly take a picture from the tumblr interface and automatically upload it to your blog.

The tumblr app’s improved a ton since it first came out. It now easily enables you to post from anywhere, whether it’s photos, text, video, or links. Browse your subscriptions and like/reblog posts you love. It syncs neatly with the web version, and it’s far, far easier to use than the mobile site.

In addition, the application will automatically detect the people of your telephone agenda that have a tumblr account, allowing you to easily add them to the people you follow… or not, if their blog doesn’t interest you, of course.

You can also write and answer private messages from the interface of the application, or even see the ‘likes’ you have given at any time.

Tumblr is a good application with some shortages, but it allows the users of this social network to be connected to it twenty-four hours a day. It’s not perfect of course, but it allows you to manage your tumblr in all comfort.

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  • Android: 2.3 and up
  • Version: V5.8.0.05
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Editors Notes
tumblr's an amazing way to discover new stuff you'll love, if you manage to follow the right users. Tracing back the source of a post is simple, enabling you to find new streams of cool stuff that matches your taste. Posting updates to your own tumblr is also easy as pie.
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Changelog / What's New in V5.8.0.05
Version 5.8 is what we’re calling this one. Here’s the newest thing: Now messaging windows gently suggest some things to talk about with Tumblrs you're about to message for the first time. In case you panic under pressure and forget everything. If you need some more things to talk about, even in your daily life, here are some things: * Frosted animal crackers: any good? * What’s the name Kirk short for? * How heavy is a tank?