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Trials Frontier is a 2D motorcycle game developed by RedLynx, creators of the original Trials for computers and consoles. In it, players have to try to reach the end of each level by making it over loads of jumps.

Zillions of missions, tracks, achievements, upgrades, and a totally senseless unfolding storyline to boot: Trials Frontier is super simple in concept and unexpectedly deep in scope, keeping you playing just to see what weirdo twist will present itself next. The visuals are way above average both inside the levels and out, when you’re interacting with characters or upgrading your hog. Leaderboards keep things competitive, although it’s plenty of fun to play totally on your own as well.

In Trials Frontier you’ll find 10 different environments (mountains, jungle, pavement…) and more than 70 different levels where you have to try to complete more than 250 missions filled with obstacles, jumps, and other hazards.

Players of Trials Frontier can play solo, trying to get through missions and challenging themselves alone, or can compete against other players online, which will upload your best times to the global leaderboards.

As you win races and get through missions, you’ll also earn coins and diamonds to unlock new motorcycles – nine different ones, in total, each with their own characteristics.

The controls for the bike in Trials Frontier are very intuitive: with your right thumb you can speed up and brake, and with the left you’ll control the slope. This yields a control system very similar to the one for the console versions of Trials.

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Trials Frontier is an outstanding 2D motorcycle game that offers fun and addictive gameplay and excellent graphics.
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