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Trello is a software that lets you turn your Android device into a virtual blackboard where you can jot down notes and reminders to view later.

Trello by Fog Creek Software is the ultimate tool for getting shit done. Whether it’s your team at work, a grand design project or just your weekly shopping list, this app is a super efficient way of keeping you organized and on top of things.

Trello can be used solo or with multiple users. The idea is that you create boards to organize anything you’re working on, then write down the important stuff on cards and arrange into lists (to do, doing, done) on the board. You can add really handy information to your cards, from checklists and comments, to photos and deadlines, as well as seeing who’s working on what. You can then shift and duplicate your list and archive your boards for a later date.

Trello uses cloud technology, so that everything you do is instantly synced and saved across all devices. Various email notification options (you can get a bit bombarded unless you adjust settings) will also keep you updated on any activity on the board. There’s also a helpful ‘reply by email option’ for when you’re not in the app but need to get something done.

With Trello, you can create different panels on your device, each for different purposes. You could, for example, have one panel for your grocery list and another for movies you want to see. You can also add photos or links to each entry.

One of the most interesting features of Trello is the option to share these panels. Thus you could have a list shared with other users that everyone can write on to add their ideas, giving you live feedback on your device.

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Trello is much more than a simple agenda app: it's a complex diary that can be shared with others, and can always grow to accommodate your needs. All from the comfort of your Android device.
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