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Tinder is a dating application that can help you find people nearby with your same interests. You can even talk to them directly from the application itself.

If you haven’t been living in a dark, dank cave for the past couple years, you know about Tinder. Perhaps you’ve even used it a time or two – what do you have to lose? Oh, you say you have swiping blisters on your thumb? You’ll get no sympathy from me, bub. Quick-pic hookups require sacrifice, my friend. Ingenious card-swiping UI that turns dating into an impulsive, addictive yes-no game. Tinder’s creeping its way across the entire globe, so you may as well check out who’s in your area just in case a hottie is awaiting in the stack.

The way Tinder shows you other users is very simple. In fact, it is this simplicity that has elevated the application to the Olympus of the dating apps, if you will. When you enter, you’ll see a photo of another user, and if you like it, you can touch it for more photos and information. Then, swipe it to the right if you like the person, or swipe it to the left if you don’t.

With these two simple gestures – swipe left and swipe right – you can easily manage your Tinder account and filter the people you like from people you don’t in a matter of seconds. For this reason, the photos you choose on Tinder are extremely important, as they will determine how the other users perceive you more than on any other application.

In the filtering options on Tinder (which are also very simple), you can indicate the gender and age range in which you are interested, as well as the maximum distance from you. So, for example, you could have the app show you only men from 18 to 28 years old, located 5 kilometers or less away.

Tinder is an excellent app for finding dates, notable for its simplicity and ease of use. In just five minutes, you’ll see dozens of different people you can have a good time with, though it depends what you are looking for.

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Couldn't be easier to use. The design encourages not only frequent browsing in hopes of a match, but also quick connections via mutual matches on chat geared towards meeting up in person. Be part of the zeitgeist.
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