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Here we provide tigerVPN – Privacy Defender V 2.2 for Android 4.0+ tigerVPN – Defend Your Privacy

The Internet might be starting to feel like a wild jungle with hackers and thieves constantly looking for ways to exploit security holes and get at your personal data. But not to fear, the king of the jungle has arrived, and it’s tigerVPN. With more than 300+ high speed servers spread around the globe, covering 62 cities in 42 countries on 6 Continents (constantly growing), you are in good company. Optimized for high-speed and zero data caps, tigerVPN is all you need to browse the Internet anywhere in the world in a secure and protected environment.

Why you'll love tigerVPN

+ Beautiful hand crafted App with focus on simplicity
+ Helps you find the fastest VPN node with a single click
+ Access your favorite TV shows, networks and services from anywhere in the world.
+ Protect yourself with our encryption technology when using unknown or shared Internet connections (e.g. Free Wifi Hotspots, Airport WiFi, Coffee Shops)
+ Improve your Internet speed by accessing our low latency network
+ In-App Support, right when you need it, without ever leaving the App

Who’s using tigerVPN?

With hundreds of thousands of customers using our service every day, you are in good company. On top of that we are proud of receiving positive critics from big brands that have reviewed our product

– Engadget
– Cnet
– MakeUseOf
– Gizmag
– CultOfMac
– Geekwire
– Techdirt
– Netzwelt
– and many more (visit our website for a complete list)

Features and everything that makes us so special

+ Built for speed: 10Gbps servers optimized to limit latency globally
+ Massive network: 300+ servers covering 62 cities in 42 countries on 6 continents
+ No data limits, consume without worries
+ No bandwidth caps: download and upload as fast as your connection allows
+ Bandwidth health detection maintains performance at peak times
+ Trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers from all around the world
+ Stable and profitable company providing VPN services since early 2011
+ Great customer support, fast and helpful replies by real people whenever needed

Crafted with love for Android

Displays ping results before connecting for a better experience (Speed + Latency)
List view to get easy access to a specific node
In-App Support without ever leaving the App!
Stats for Geeks

Hold up, what’s a VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology used to communicate between the device (you) and a remote Server (tigerVPN) which allows your traffic to be sent between both endpoints encrypted and secure. This is great when traveling and accessing unknown Internet connections.

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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