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It’s great, except that it’s a little hard to hit an animal, there is only one car, so if you wreck it, there’s nothing you can do, and that there should be a little more land to cover. Maybe have a farm where there is a horse so when you crash your car, you have something else to ride in? Anything but just a “you crashed it, you lost it” situation. Other than those problems, it’s a great game. Here we provide The Revenant : Survival Craft V 1.2 for Android 4.1++ The Revenant is a survival adventure game where you craft your own destiny in a open world environment. Discover this astonishing world. Use everything you find to survive. Hunt wild animals, fish or gather fruits to overcome hunger. Explore island on your car. Mine for resources and craft tools, weapons, buildings, clothes and more items to survive. Find hidden treasures. You can even dive and swim. Experience the full day-night cycle.
Uncompromising Survival and World Exploration. No instructions. Start with nothing and hunt, craft and research to survive.
It's time to start a new life.
Are you ready?
The Revenant is:
– Survival Island
– Construction of house
– Crafting
– Hunting
– Day/Nigth Cycle

*** Play to REAL-TIME Multiplayer game: Crash of Tanks

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Editors Notes
there is no new island where I can go to and rob other people's stuff..I have gone to every island I can find and there are no new things or people..Also it would be good if I can recover energy by sleeping on the bed coz I run low on energy when I have an imp work to finish and this game is gonna be dope coz I lost half of my stuff..Do not download!
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Changelog / What's New in
-add connect to Facebook. Now you can invite your friends-added achievements and ratings. Open can be in the game settings-added ability to save progress in the cloud-add crossbow-add rain-added barrels. Put the barrel in the open and in the rain, they will be filled with water-added pictures in shop. Now you can decorate your home and make it more comfortable-add wall torch-fix bow-fix car