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Here we provide Stone Age Tower Defense APK V 1.0.2 for Android 2.3.2+ You have to prepare yourself for a mythic adventure in the past where prehistoric creatures we’re still alive and walking next to us and because this tower defense game is about to challenge your inner strategist to create an infallible fortress you have to be ready to face the struggle. Stone Age tower defense is a classical strategy game which imply having your mind and thinking a little bit different so you can handle each kind of situations you are put into. Start with choosing the type of tower that you think might help you in this battle with dinosaurs and try to find a specific way to place each kind of tower. Focus to destroy as many creatures possible and touch the cranium spot as fast you can because if you do it your budget will raise and you’ll be able to buy more tower or even better to upgrade the one you have in custody.

Resist waves of enemies by combining strategic placement of defense towers and good tactics. Protect your home and eliminate the dinosaurs before they’ll get to you, although if you miss the chance to shoot them and they’ll be out of your within range you have another opportunity to get rid of them with your chargeable rain of meteors that will get to them right away. Be ready to stop your enemy once for all. While you pass levels you’ll see that the difficulty degree will change and you’ll have to adapt to any situations you’ll face. Watch out because you have limited resourced and if you don’t use them wise you can be easily attacked and because you have only 10 lives you might think about the strategy and the positions of towers twice.

Take a look at these features that this game offers you:
– Prehistoric battle
– Strategically designed levels
– A variety of heavy weapons and defense props
– Free to play
– Tactics, action, good graphics, easy playing
– Many levels to pass with a lots of upgrades

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This is a good game but not too addictive, well worth trying.
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