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Splash Cars is a racing game with isometric perspective, where your goal has nothing to do with being the first to cross the finish line. Instead, your objective is to paint the world around you. Your car adds color to anything it goes near, letting you paint everything in the neighborhood, including the trees and houses.

Splash Cars invites you to take the world and make it colorful. You have to drive yourself around the black and white world and make it colorful. However, the cops aren’t far behind and they like things black and white.

Of course, there’s more to this game than just coloring in the map. In each level, there’s at least one police car trying to hunt you down, and if it catches you, it’s game over. You also have a limited supply of fuel, so the game can also end when you run out of gas.

Aside from these obstacles, you can also find gold coins and power-ups placed around the map. The coins let you unlock new vehicles and the power-ups let you paint from greater distances.

Splash Cars is a fun and original game that offers an approach that’s different from the vast majority of driving games. Plus, its amazing graphics make painting the city different colors especially enjoyable.

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Editors Notes
The game itself is really fun and original. The visuals are great when the game is in color, though the black and white world leaves something to be desired. The different cars that you can choose from are interesting and varied, especially the Bohemian themed one. The controls also work really well, giving you the ability to turn and move on a whim.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.5.04
* New Legendary leaderboard for hardcore players * New poke feature in Multiplayer Lobby * New sounds * New animations