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Smashy Road: Wanted is a racing game focused on the most entertaining thing about GTA: the car chases. Your goal is to evade the cops for as long as you can, dodging traffic, buildings, the obstacles in the road, and, of course, the cops themselves.

This driving game is a great way to spend quite a few hours driving around a cartoon neighborhood instead of spending time in your own – because you will get that addicted to this 80s inspired game. Avoid the cops and watch out for the people trying to take you down.

At the beginning of every game you’ll see just one star, which means you’ll be chased by one or two police vehicles. But the longer you last, the more stars will be added and the more police you’ll have to stay away from. It won’t be long before SWAT trucks, army jeeps, and even tanks come to the aid of the patrol cars.

In between games you can use the money earned to purchase new vehicles. Drive a total of 30 different vehicles, each with its own behavior on the asphalt. Some cars are faster, others heavier, others better at taking corners, etc.

Smashy Road: Wanted is a highly entertaining racing game with amazing graphics and a control system that’s perfect for touchscreen devices. On top of that, the randomly generated scenarios will offer you hours and hours of fun.

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Editors Notes
The graphics in this game are actually quite good for what they are trying to do. Playing the game is addicting, and it is good that every time you play is a little different because it keeps things fresh and new. The choices of vehicle make this game unique and fun to play.
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- bug fix - maintenance