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Sling Kong is an arcade game where you control a cute animal that you have to move through deadly traps of all kinds: flamethrowers, saws, crushing walls, and more.

Sling Kong is a colorful bouncing game of skills where aiming is as important as having great reaction skills. Instead of jumping higher and higher, you need to use the monkey as a slingshot and aim correctly so he can hold on to something and continue ascending.

Along the way, the monkey will find plenty of obstacles that’ll make your task harder and harder. However, it’s not as hard as other similar games, since in here, you can fall and actually survive.

The controls are original and fun. You have to throw your animal as if you were using a slingshot, except that the parts you can hold onto disappear a few seconds after you grab them. This means you can’t spend too much time waiting around, you have to be fast and accurate.

As you play, you can pick up gold coins, which you can then use to play pinball machines and get new animals. In the beginning you can play with a monkey only, but there are more than 60 different animals you can control in total.

Sling Kong is an original and fun arcade game with an addictive gameplay and really nice graphics. You can also play against your friends, competing for a higher score.

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Editors Notes
As we've said, it's not as hard as other games and that makes it more enjoyable for a nice, relaxing time where you just want to bounce a bit. The perfect game to play with your kids: it's colorful, engaging and fun enough.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.7.0
- SPRING FESTIVAL UPDATE Find all the hidden eggs and collect a RARE Kong! - NEW PRIZE MACHINES The prize machine layout now changes each day. - Added Hebrew language.