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Slack is a private messaging network designed for employees of the same company. With it, employees can share information privately as easily as they can on other social networks. This group chat has a very simple interface and is similar to other chats, so it’s easy to learn how to use it.

Every company needs a place for employees to be able to talk. It’s vital that there is open and effective communication between colleagues and above all, that everything mentioned can be indexed quickly, so that it can be found at a later stage.

Slack is the perfect tool for team communication. The app can be divided into as many different topics as you deem fit, but to get you started, you have #general and #random by default.

Make an account and invite your colleagues to become part of the team. Slack can be logged into from the app or the web version, so it won’t be hard to synchronize the content of both devices.

In Slack, team members can send and receive all types of information and mention specific people to ensure that they see the conversation. Slack can also sync with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Trello, making it even easier to transfer and access files that have been stored in the cloud. This way, you can share information without having to switch applications.

Slack is also compatible with JIRA and other tools for statistics, plus video calls on Hangouts. There is no limit to the number of users, so no matter how big your company, everyone can keep in touch at all times with this private chat.

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The design is perfect, and extremely usable; it focuses on interaction and is so simple to use. And to top it off, the minimalist design is really attractive and ensures the app doesn't get chaotic.
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fix some bugs