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Seven Knights is a role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you have to lead a group of heroes through an epic adventure. Evan and Karin, the two main characters in the game, have to fight the God of Destruction. Fortunately, they’ll have some help.

Seven Knights takes you into the land of Ladenberg. You have to become one of the brave warriors that fights against the God of Destruction and restore peace and order to the kingdom. You have to get your team together and fight as best you can.

In Seven Knights you can create groups of up to five adventurers (two in the front line and three in the back), and fight spectacular battles with them. These fights are extremely dynamic, and though you can manually select the abilities to use, the game lets you take an easier automatic way by default.

Between combats, you can customize each of your characters. You can level them up, change their equipment, learn new abilities, combine them, and much more. You’ll find dozens of different characters (many of them are non non-humans), and all of them can help you on your adventure.

Although the game focuses on the story mode, it also lets you play online. You can fight against other groups of adventurers, earn impressive rewards, and show everyone who the strongest player is.

Seven Knights is a pretty good role-playing game. It not only has spectacular graphics (which you can see on the screenshots); it also features a large amount of content, and above all, a dynamic and entertaining fighting system.

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Editors Notes
The best part about this game is the endless fighting mode where you can perfect your skills. However, there are several different modes that will keep you entertained and keep the game feeling fresh. The anime visuals are well drawn and look good during battle. The controls allow you to move quickly throughout the game as well.
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fix some bugs