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K, its a good game…. but maybe adding some Yandere simulater hair like for example: Osana, Kokona or any girl Also you should be some way to make the highschool girl a boy like if a boy play it…. but still it a good game (sorry for bad english im russian) Here we provide School Girls Simulator V 1.0 for Android 4.0++ You can experience "school girl life", attend the class, confess classmate,buy sweets and talk with classmates.

You can confess if your evaluate more than 50 to someone .
Whether you will succeed or not depends on his/her feelings towards you.

Additionally, The zombies are coming, so please repel to protect your friends.
Becoming a zombie when attacked by zombies !
(If you dislike zombies, try no zombie new game button.)

Witnesses will report to the teacher when you are attacking classmates.
The teacher who received the report will get you.

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An ok app would be an exaggeration because this app is boring and pointless, all you can do is l kill people or kick them! I suggest not wasting your battery life on this game.(btw I did like they they give give you a boat to take your victims to a island to strand them. 💤🐸
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Fixed Bugs.Added new color over knee socks.