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best tool for android users, and works better with root permission.
top1 uninstall tool for android 2.3/3.0/4.x/5.x.
it helps you easily and quickly manager system apps (freeze or remove), the best tool for managing your android system.
compared to other clean or uninstall tools, it is much more better and special:
* tiny,fast, even running on old phones with low memory.
* “modify” MODE, change system apps before uninstalling
* can “Disable” backgroud system service, such as “google backgroud transport” and “contact sync service”

I wanna provide a good app for all users and will continue making improvments.
you will find how useful and how safe this App is.

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  • Android: 2.3 and up
  • Version: V7.2.6
  • Size: 1.2MB

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Editors Notes
Very good clean up a class of applications, if you can get it in download, it is strongly recommended.
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Changelog / What's New in V7.2.6
* improve speed when there are too many apps * support android L in [junior mode] * improve stability in SONY devices. * get root permission correctly for some system app * support private-app folder in android 4.4.x * add more info of samsung / htc phones