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Roll the Ball is an addictive puzzle game where you try to create a track that takes a ball from point A to point B. To do so there’s a board full of different tracks that you’ll have drag around to make the best possible track without any breaks along the way.

Are you looking for a mind-bending puzzle to throw your thoughts for a loop? Well perhaps you should have a look at Roll the Ball: Slide Puzzle. In this interesting puzzle game, you are required to move the blocks to create a path for the ball. Beware, it gets quite difficult. Have you got the mental chops?

There are 300 levels with several difficulty modes: beginner, intermediate, hard, advanced, and extreme. Each mode has 60 insane puzzles that you’ll have to try to solve in the fewest moves possible – or else risk getting fewer than all three stars.

To move the tiles, use your fingers to drag them wherever you want, joining them however you think best. You can only drag one tile at a time, though, and you can’t jump over a tile that’s already there. As you advance, some tiles might get stuck permanently in one place, or there will be a countdown to initiate the release of the ball. In the latter case, you’ll have solve the puzzle before the ball drops. If not, you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

If you’re stuck and can’t find a solution, you can always ask for a hint on how to pass the level as quickly as possible based on the moves you’ve already made. Take your time and you’ll figure it out, with a bit of luck unlocking the next batch of difficulty levels. If you play daily, you’ll get rewards that will give you a boost as you play.

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Editors Notes
It has a very addicting feel to it. You just keep wanting to pick it back up after you've put it down. It's a great way to pass the time and exercise the mind. There weren't any performance issues, with smooth gameplay and well-thought-out puzzles.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.4.11
fix some bugs