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Power Clean is a light but powerful maintenance app that clears your Android device of all those trash files that take up unnecessary space.

Like almost every app of this kind, Power Clean has many different features to improve your device’s performance. The main tool detects files that just take up space and then deletes them, a process that takes only about a minute.

Other features let you see information about your Android: model, OS version, temperature, etc. You can also manage your apps and uninstall any of them in just a few seconds.

Have you noticed that your Android simply isn’t quite itself lately? Namely, is it lagging, slow, and overall vaguely exhausted? Poor thing’s probably clogged up with junk; a tool like Power Clean – Optimize & Clean can help you out in mere seconds.

As you make use of your beloved device, it’s normal to accumulate apps you no longer need, outdated apks, and useless files bulking up your cache. Over time, these files can cause performance to significantly drop, maybe even making it impossible to enjoy all the functions your device once accessed so easily. Power Clean offers a couple swift and easy options to clean all that up.

Junk Clean automatically identities and deletes all the unused and useless files. If you want, you can even clear your browser history and clipboard content, giving you more control over privacy. It’ll also alert you to any apps that have suspicious permissions. Memory Boost checks out your background tasks, looking for and deleting redundancy so that your speed increases. The App Manager helps you figure out which apps you never use anymore and cleanly deletes them from your device to free up space. You can also disable unwanted notifications from here. Finally, Device Information analyzes your gizmo and lets you know your status, including CPU, camera, available storage, RAM, ROM, battery, and hardware features.

Power Clean is a well-made, quick, and effective tool for those who don’t have the time or inclination to go tinkering with the inner workings of their device, who just want it to run like the day it was unboxed. More techie types will probably want something more customizable, but for everyone else, it’s a great choice.

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  • Version: V2.8.6.1
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Editors Notes
Power Clean is a simple, light, and powerful maintenance app (it takes up just two megabytes). While it doesn't offer more features than similar apps of this kind, it's still a good alternative and doesn't have as many intrusive ads as other apps do.
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Changelog / What's New in V2.8.6.1
1. Brand new style of HomePage 2. Rich and varied theme colors 3. More splendid features in Advanced