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Here we provide Personal Radar Lt V 1.2.6 for Android 4.0+ This App will notify you when people with this app running on their devices are near to you – within the
WiFi radio range ( range depends on environment – may be up to 300m outside building ).
No need to connect to any WiFi hotspot/network – the app uses WiFi direct (device to device) mode.

Note: You need to add app widget to your device screen after installation !

Example use:
– when waiting for someone – want to know he/she is approaching to you,
– want to know if your child/luggage/car is not too far from you,

– does not create any connection between devices nor with wi-fi hot-spot
– animated widget on the device screen,
– configurable alert sound and 'radar running' sound,
– alert when second device 'appeared in wifi range',
– alert when second device 'disappeared' ( ex. baby monitor, luggage monitor ),
– configurable list of people/devices for alerting,
( free version limit – only 3 person/device )
– keeps working even if device screen locked,
– other can see your device only if your app is running,
– designed for phone and tablet screen

Issues and suggestions: [email protected]

Copyright © GIMIN Studio.

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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