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Minion Paradise is a casual game in which the players must try to construct the perfect island paradise, on which all of the ‘minions’ (the stars of the movie by the same name) can relax and enjoy a life of constant fun.

Based on the hit movie Minions and from top video game developer Electronics Arts comes Minions Paradise, a tropical island building sim available on both iOS and Android devices. You play as Phil, a minion who has sunk his cruise ship on a deserted tropical island. Now, with your help, he’ll turn the deserted tropical island into a dream paradise resort. Customize your island by plating trees, building hammocks, and much, much more.

The gameplay of Minions Paradise is very simple, and is based almost exclusively on constructing new buildings for your islanders. Not only will constructing buildings make your island more comfortable and beautiful, it will also attract more and more ‘minions’ including some familiar faces such as those of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

Although the gameplay system doesn’t hold any mystery in itself, the game will surely be very entertaining for children. Minions Paradise ultimately is not difficult at all: the players simply have to construct buildings little by little, attracting new ‘minions,’ and enjoying all of their silly hijinks.

Minions Paradise is an entertaining game with very nice graphic aspects. Players that are looking for a challenge won’t find it here, but those that have a stuffed Kevin, Stuart, or Bob on their bed will definitely have a a great time with the naughty ‘minions’ on this paradise island.

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Editors Notes
The cartoony graphics are visually stunning on most devices. It’s also easy to pick up and play, allowing you to check up on your island on the go. The core gameplay is pretty fun and the mini-games are very entertaining.
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Changelog / What's New in V7.0.2851
Hey paradise people! We made a few behind-the-scenes improvements to keep your island escape as fun as possible. Don't forget to rate Minions Paradise to let us know how we’re doing. Thanks for playing.