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Here we provide messageLOUD V 4.43 for Android 4.4+ messageLOUD automatically reads your Texts (Sms's), WhatsApp messages & Email out loud, so you can drive safer. (100% Eyes-free experience. Fully Bluetooth compatible.)

Use immediately, free of charge, for a few days. $0.99 monthly subscription thereafter. This includes all upgrades and new features. There will be many! You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Important note: Samsung users must restart their phone after setting up messageLOUD.

Primary functions:

• Text messages automatically read aloud
• WhatsApp messages automatically read aloud
• Email automatically read aloud
• Incoming callers announced out loud
• ‘Read my inbox’ for existing emails to be read aloud
• Dismiss, delete or call the sender back with simple eyes-free screen swipes/taps
• Auto start when you get behind the wheel
• Will not read promotional emails or signatures
• Three distinct modes for when you are Driving; Exercising or Working


• Text message auto responder. (Fully configurable.)
• VIP lists, Blacklists & Address Book Only features. (Configure which messages to read out loud.)
• Bluetooth connection auto start. (Starts Drive Mode automatically when you get into your car.)
• Set the length of time each message is read.
• Enable/disable automatic reading aloud.
• Reads your messages in the order that they arrived, irrespective of message type.
• Simple sign-in with your email address. We support Gmail, MS Exchange (after 2012), Yahoo and Hotmail.
• Will pause reading messages aloud when you get a call and resume when you are done.
• Pauses reading messages aloud when your navigation needs to give you directions, and resumes when it is done.
• Pauses your music playing (or audiobook, podcast etc) to read your messages, and resumes playing when done.
• Screen brightness dims to 75% to preserve battery life: in Drive & Work modes.
• Reads your messages even if your screen is turned off. (Great for battery life, when active or when driving at night.)

Accessibility compatible for vision impaired users.

You can also download and use a 'premium' voice of your choice. Simply search 'Text to speech' in the Google Play Store. (Remember to load as your default TTS in your device Settings.)

We love these from our friends over at Acapela:

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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Very interesting game, I can spend a whole day to play, it is worth downloading, it is strongly recommended.
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