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Here we provide Meetio Room V for Android 4.0+ Get a better start to your meetings!

Meetio Room is placed outside your meeting room and show if the room is free or busy. When the room is free you can book it instantly!

* Integration
We support Exchange 2007+, Office 365, Google Apps and Google Calendar.

* Instant view
Shows title of the meeting, length of the meeting and who's the organizer. And just swipe down to see the upcoming meetings for the room.

* Room Name
Show the name of the room.

* Private meetings
Hide title and organizer when marked as private meeting.

* Extend Meeting
If the room is available right after, you can with just two clicks extend your ongoing meeting with two customisable intervals.

* End Early
Shorter meeting than expected? Free up the room for others to use on your way out.

* Check In
Never again have your rooms booked but not used, with check-in you easily confirm your presence with just a tap. If it’s a no-show, the app will automatically end the reservation after 15 minutes if no one checks in, freeing up the room again.

* Custom Colors
Does our Traffic Light colours clash with your interior? Easily change them to better match your workplace.

* Logo Branding
Use your company logo in the app for a professional, branded look.

* Kiosk Mode
Use the app as a home screen launcher and keep any meddlesome visitor at bay.

* Reminder
Installed your tablet inside the meeting room? Let it remind you when your meeting reservation is soon up with a nice, non-intrusive reminder sound.

* Book Now
Met a colleague at the coffee machine and need to discuss something quick, or just want to work undisturbed for a while? Reserve an available room directly from the app with just two clicks – no more hassle waiting for your Outlook-app to start.

* (upcoming!) Reserve Later
Want to reserve a room for later use, but don’t have access to your normal calendar? Easily make the reservation directly from the app in less than 15 seconds.

* Meetio Admin
Centrally manage and view status of all your Meetio-apps through a web browser.
(monthly subscription, from $3 per license)

* No Extra Server
The app connects directly to your Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google Calendar without any extra server or software. We’re IT-guys ourselves so we made sure it’s a painless setup too.

Please noted that this is a 10 day trial version, otherwise the software is with full functionality and without any other limitations. You can get a quotation at

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Very fun game, I'm addicted to this game, it is very interesting, it is worth the download.
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