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Maze King is a very simple maze game where you’ll have to guide a ladybug to the exit of the complicated labyrinth using your fingertip. The concept is practically identical to the classic pastime.

Do you love labyrinths? Maze King is an impressive game for puzzle fans that’ll immerse you in a captivating maze where it isn’t that easy to leave. The app presents various game modes and levels so you never get bored.

The goal is pretty obvious: get to the ending point as quickly as possible, trying to combine your reflexes skills and deductive reasoning: is this the right way?

The game system is as simple as it sounds: slide your finger in the direction you want the ladybug to move, wait for it to stop at the next intersection, and slide again in the direction you want it to go. This gameplay will take you through all the levels of the game.

In Maze King, you’ll find dozens of levels. You can also get different scores when playing. If you get to your destination using a minimum number of moves you’ll get three stars, but if you start making wrong moves, then you’ll lose points.

Besides a single-player mode, Maze King includes a multiplayer mode that lets you compete with a friend. The winner is the one that gets to the end of the maze in the shortest amount of time.

Maze King is a very simple but entertaining maze game. It doesn’t have particularly good graphics or sophisticated mechanics, but it’s still fun.

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Controls work smoothly (simply swipe up, down, left or right) and the design is adequate: users shouldn't experience any problems when playing, as it all works as it should. The level of difficulty quickly grows but is never too hard that you can't try to obtain a three-star rating. A decent entertainment for time-killers.
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fix some bugs