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The light notifications on your device can be modified as desired with Light Flow Lite, an app that lets you assign a range of colors for different alerts (as long as your model allows it), including repetitive vibrations and sounds.

The colors that Light Flow Lite offers are blue, soft pink, cyan, deep orange, gold, green, indigo, lilac, lime, magenta, orange, pink, violet, red, light blue, turquoise, white, yellow, and much more. Some options – such as ‘battery charged’ or Bluetooth – come with a preset color, but others are fully adjustable.

It goes without saying that this app is only useful for those devices with LED or trackball notification feature.

Light Flow brings to Android one of the best features of BlackBerries (BeBuzz/BerryBuzz BB apps), that’s it, fully customize your notificationLED colors to see at first sight what it’s about or even who’s the one who has called/messaged you.

The Lite version allows you to set the notification LED color for missed calls, calendar reminders, e-mails, SMS, MMS, low battery, charged battery, Bluetooth on, charging battery, no signal, phone signal or GTalk chats as well as some miscellaneous apps. However, Pro version includes all of these unlocks all restrictions and allows you to set notification LED color of about 140 different apps/system features.

If you want the same color for more than one alert, you can assign a sound pattern or vibration to differentiate them. There’s also a night mode with either a less bright light or a shorter sound so you won’t be disturbed while you’re sleeping.

With Light Flow Lite you can even assign colors to whole categories, like social networks. On WhatsApp you can give a color to a particular contact and on Facebook, a specific color just for private messages. Thus you’ll know at every moment who or what has sent you a message.

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You can also set some other notifications preferences like repeating sounds or vibration patters. It even supports flash in succession, for when you've received different notifications inputs. Once everything is set you can backup/restore your configuration.
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fix some bugs