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LEGO DC: Mighty Micros is a 3D racing game in which players can choose to drive as, and against their favorite DC LEGO heroes like Batman, Robin, Flash, Catwoman or Bane. Each one of them, of course, has their own themed car that you’ll be driving.

* Play as your favourite DC Comic character
* Become the hero or play as the mischievous villain
* Collect studs to unlock new characters, environments and stories.
* Build and upgrade your secret lair
* Build your own missions in mission control
* Unique cinematics where you build the story

Races have different objectives depending on the character you choose and who you’re up against. For example, the first racing trial consists in capturing Catwoman after she just robbed and escaped the city of Gotham. To complete this mission you’ll have to be Batman or Robin, either will do.

The control system on LEGO DC:Might Micros is pretty simple: with your right thumb you take charge of the virtual steering wheel, and with your left thumb you use your weapons (only during certain parts of the race). When racing you can jump, and do all kinds of acrobatics, and of course you’ll have to pick up lego pieces along the way.

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Editors Notes
LEGO DC: Mighty Micros is basically a fun and simple racing game that includes all the charm of the usual LEGO gang teaming up with our most charismatic favorites from the DC Universe like Batman and Joker.
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