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Kill Shot is an exciting game where you become a soldier who goes on secret missions to do the dirtiest of jobs: kill enemies with the help of just your gun, aim, and accuracy.

How’s your aim? And your pulse? Is it steady enough? Well you have a chance to show it off in Hothead Games’ Kill Shot, a mission-based sniper shooting game that puts you in the shoes of a soldier of fortune who kills enemy soldiers for a living.

There are a huge amount of missions with different goals but the final objective is basically the same: you are spotted on an enemy’s base where you must use your aim and weaponry to kill targets. The better you do (headshots, less bullets used…) the more cash you’ll earn. Invest that cash in upgrading your weaponry and purchasing new rifles you’ll need to complete different kind of missions with flying colors.

You have to sneak into the enemy camp so you can kill all targets without anyone noticing your presence; a long-range rifle will help you keep a safe distance.

As you go on more and more missions, though, your life will be increasingly at risk, and you’ll have to use more powerful weapons to save your skin. Shotguns or machine guns may become more effective alternatives than sniper rifles if you want to get out alive.

With more than a hundred missions, plus a dozen different maps and 3D graphics, Kill Shot is sure to offer tense moments where your speed and accuracy are the only things that can save you from certain death.

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Editors Notes
That's probably the only catch worth to mention: it needs more variety of missions not to become repetitive. Regardless, 3D graphics are outstanding and cutscenes and effects ensures you get into the game's mood. Controls are responsive and accurate too.
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fix some bugs