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Here we provide HotLaps V 1.18 for Android 4.0+ HotLaps is a application for saving and sharing your fastest laptimes in various racing sims. (Currently Forza 6, Gran Turismo 6, Forza 5 and Project Cars)

The application makes it as quick as possible to enter your laptime (just tap out the digits) for the correct car and track. (auto-complete search fields) You can then compare your laps with past results taking into account tire used and performance modifications (PP). Laps are saved on a remote server so you can use HotLaps on any of your Android devices. (phone + tablet for example)

A global leaderboard is visible, but uncurated, so take the results there with a grain of salt.

HotLaps is currently free, and contains no ads. It will remain so for as long as it is financially viable. If you like it and can afford it, please consider sending a Paypal/Bitcoin donation using the Donate entry in the main menu. Thank you!

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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Very interesting game, I can spend a whole day to play, it is worth downloading, it is strongly recommended.
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