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I LOVE this game. I played the first two games years ago and was very excited to play the beta of this game. Now that the official release is out, I’m pretty disappointed to see I have to PAY for unlimited ammo after being able to have it FREE for months beforehand. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but I’m thinking about not uninstalling… Here we provide Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth V 1.1.05 for Android 4.0.3++ The cute blobs are lost in the limbo of the dark cave, this time it’s really Hopeless! Join the adventure and save as many Blobs as possible – any Blob counts. Ride the not-so-powerful car, shoot and push the cruel monsters. Your goal as the Blob Rescue Mission is to reach the next dirty blobby base and escape the dark den.
The only way to survive is by shooting the monsters using blobby deadly traps.
What rises from the deep darkness? Keep your eyes open for the ugly monsters!
The cave is divided into 4 underground world zones, from dark ice and deep lava to the glow mushroom prison!
Unlock and collect an array of carts, cars, and tanks, and arm yourself with powerful guns to defeat the evil monsters!
Upgrade your ride from one tiny cart with a pistol to a mighty war machine on wheels, ready to take on any challenge!

Do you have the skills to survive the journey? Will the niedlich blob escape and see the light of day? Or is it all HOPELESS?

“If you thought the monsters from the original Hopeless were disturbing, check out their upgrades in the series' third game”
Android Police

"It's a bad situation for the blobs to be in, so bad that you might call it hopeless”

★ Advance through the adventure cave with 50 levels!
★ Play in competitive Endless mode!
★ The blobs have nothing to lose 🙂
★ Buy funky hats for your cute Blobs ! (Hats help the blobs to escape reality)
★ The only game where you can upgrade a pistol into an M16

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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Editors Notes
I really hope these cute little guys get a good ending! So sad to always see them trembling in fear or dying :/
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** OFFICIAL RELEASE! **● Play all 50 levels and 4 worlds!● Amazing new graphics! It's hopeless AND beautiful!● Sit back and enjoy the new intro comics-cinematics! And enjoy it again in the settings menu!● Enjoy Hopeless in Russian, Spanish, Italian and French! More coming soon!● Aaaaand... better performance! WOW!Now go kill some monsters!