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Hangouts Dialer is an official app from Google that lets you make phone calls from the Hangouts app itself, very similar to the functioning of apps like Skype or Viber.

After installing Hangouts Dialer, you’ll notice that the Hangouts interface has changed slightly to accommodate a new tab from which you can dial phone numbers (or select names from your contacts).

If you’ve used the Google Voice app in the past, you may have set it to use your Voice number when making calls. These calls still used your carrier minutes, instead of your data signal.

As a solution, Google has created this second app that acts as a plug-in for Hangouts: Hangouts Dialer. The app adds a dialer tab to Hangouts, allowing you to make outbound calls with your Voice number. Call rates for non-data calls are fairly competitive with services like Skype- but even better- you can make and receive VoIP calls, meaning you can have data-only service and still get calls and texts.

The Hangouts Dialer does require an update to the Hangouts app (version 2.3). Once you have it, the dialer itself will appear as a tab in the Hangouts app, but you will need to have the Hangouts Dialer installed, because without it the tab won’t be there. The app itself just functions as a shortcut to the Hangouts app. All a bit strange.

To make these phone calls, you’ll need to have credit (as you would with other apps of this type). The only exception is if you want to call another user that is also on Hangouts Dialer, in which case the call is made over WiFi or 3G.

Hangouts Dialer doesn’t offer any more features than the other heavyweights in the field of VoIP calls, but it has a fundamental advantage: it’s integrated into Hangouts. Although it is installed independently, Hangouts Dialer meshes perfectly with the Hangouts interface.

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Very practical application, do not miss, you can download googleplay or strongly recommended.
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Changelog / What's New in V0.1.100944346
● Outbound Caller ID - people who you call will see your verified number when you call them (no more appearing as Unknown!) ● Improved usability - complete calls through Hangouts Dialer from more apps ● New material Dialer UI