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I have not eaten in 6 days. When the fidget spinner craze started i was sad because i am too poor to buy food let alone a toy. So i was the only kid who didn’t have one at my school. My friends stopped talking to me and the next day is then the bullying began. I started to get called names and got punched in the eye. But today is a new day and I’m excited to show off my new fidget spinner app! Lots of fun, literally can’t put down! Here we provide Hand Spinner V 1.3.5 for Android 4.0.3++ The first in the world mobile Finger Spinner. Why buy a real hand spinner, if you can spin it in the phone for free!
Physics is close to real. Spin everyday!
Compete with your friends. Save scores and get new spins in store!
Stay with us and get your bonus scores with updates!

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I used to be a lonely child, who could never do anything. I was born with glass bones and paper skin, and every day was torture. At night I had to lie in bed wondering why my life was this way, until my heart attacks put me to sleep. Then the doctor told me I had osteoporosis, and my whole family died. In that time I almost killed myself, but then my friend showed me this app. I was instantly cured of my osteoporosis, my skin and bones were no longer so brittle, and I haven't put it down to this day. My family even came back to life! All because I got the app on their phones, so I could compete with them to see who could have the most spins. Thanks Fidget Spinner App!
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PATCH 1.2.8- new asset loader system- new main menu- added splash screen- in main menu added exit button- fixed bug with pause button- optimization