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Google+ is the official application for Google’s popular social network on Android devices. With it, you can access all your content, update your profile, and basically do everything you can do on your desktop.

This means you can manage your circles, review your updates from the people you are following, or chat with any other users currently connected to Google+.

You can easily upload photos and videos to your Google account directly from your terminal. To do so you must simply take a picture or record some video, make a couple taps on the screen, and the recorded media will automatically appear in your account.

The ‘hangout’ feature allows users to participate in video calls with up to eight other people, as long as the Internet connection you have at the time can support it.

It may be that Google isn’t Google’s first attempt into social networking. What it’s for sure is that it’s its best.

Also, it may seem that launching the app when its web counterpart is still in betatesting stage is premature, but appropiate to a world where smartphones become more prominent each day.

Early findings: absolute integration with Android, Picassa, group messaging, easy and intuitive UI, sharing and 1 buttons everywhere, “circles” to grant and deny access to the information you share and, last but not least, instant upload from your device photo gallery to your Google Stream.

Everything’s easy and clever, usability is wonderful (far more wonderful than you-know-what-starting-by-an F).

We wouldn’t like to say that a war’s begun. However, it’s time to choose sides.

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  • Version: V7.6.0
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Editors Notes
Google+ is a really good application that has all the features that users of this social network could ever need, and you can now enjoy them anytime, anywhere.
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Changelog / What's New in V7.6.0
• Pin posts in your Collections • New design of Communities • Performance improvements and bug fixes • Improved navigation and overall experience for screen reader users