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Google Goggles is an official app developed by Google that lets you scan practically anything in search of more information about it. You just have to point your device’s camera at whatever it is you want to scan and then take a picture of it, and in seconds, the app will show you information about it.

Google Goggles is capable of recognizing famous people, well-known works of art, movie posters, book and magazine covers, and even fictional characters. It can also read bar codes and show you the exact item each code refers to.

Another interesting feature of Google Goggles is that it lets you instantly translate any text into the following languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian.

Thus, it identifies products, famous landmarks, storefronts artwork, and popular images found online. It matches the image you catch with you camera with Google database in order to give your search results. Likewise, Goggles can translate the text you scan in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. If what you scan is a business card, it will detect the phonenumber and name and you will be able to add a new contact, call or send SMS.

After type and voice search, image search comes up. But it has to be improved in some points because there are lots of things that it doesn’t even recognize. Sometimes, instead of bring you back info, it shows just similar pictures what’s useless. Given that it’s based on a public search engine, we guess it will work better as the users keep it update.

Google Goggle is one of the starred apps developed by Google Inc., the official Android Market provider, and the responsible of other indispensable Android apps as Google Books, Google Earth, Gmail or Blogger.

Google Goggles is a lightweight app (hardly 3 megabytes) that lets you transform your Android device into an authentic futuristic machine capable of recognizing people, artwork, and even soup cans, just by pointing your device’s camera.

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This is one of those app that is good to have installed in your Android, even if you are not going to use it everyday. But we're pretty sure that ponce in a while you will need it. It isn't the best Google app, but it's still recommendable.
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