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Google Fit is the official app from Google to help improve your health in a very simple way: by informing you how much exercise you get on a daily basis. Users have to set themselves a number of daily and weekly goals; these could be anything from running for 45 minutes in the afternoon to cycling for 10 minutes on the way to work. Whatever the activity is, it is added to your activity graph.

oogle Fit is Android’s answer to Apple’s HealthKit. Many popular fitness apps have already integrated with the app, like RunKeeper, Strava, and Withings – and more are poised to be added soon. Android Wear devices will also be synced with the app.

So far, Fit displays information about walking, running, and cycling activity, which it can detect even if you don’t link it with any related apps (you can manually add activity as well). Nifty graphs and charts help you keep track of your progress. Register using your existing Google account, and add information like height and weight.

A couple early criticisms: there really ought to be options for manually adding other kinds of activities, since those who track their health are likely to engage in other forms of exercise as well. Also, a major caveat: the app wipes data clean on Android Wear devices. This will hopefully be fixed soon, but be aware that your step count will reset to zero.

You’ll also have to enter your height and weight to begin using Google Fit, as that way you can know if you’re losing weight. Of course, even if you enter all your exercise plans on Google Fit, if you don’t actually do them the app will remind you and you’ll see their absence reflected in your graphic. Thus you’ll have an extra incentive to exercise.

Google Fit is a very useful app, like almost every other one developed by Google, and can also be connected to your Android Wear device or even consulted on its official website.

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If you're also looking forward to seeing what's next in the fitness tracker world, Google Fit is definitely worth playing with.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.56.14
• Real-time tracking of your walks, runs, and bike rides • Push-up, sit-up, and squat detection and coaching from your Android Wear watch • Integration with nutrition and sleep apps • Personalized insights and coaching