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Here we provide Goalist Daily Planner & Goals V 5.1.12 for Android 2.3.4+ Day Planning • Statistics • Goal Tracking • Data Logging • Alarms • Checklists • Widgets

Goalist is different.

It doesn't merely remind you to do stuff – that's simple and ineffective.

It helps you determine what to do and why.

It helps you transform into a highly effective Time Management Master.

Small tweaks don't work in the long run. You need a radical change to see a radical improvement in your life. Goalist offers you a path that's undeniably different – explore it. Stop trying the same approaches expecting different results.

If you're willing to put in some effort – as getting out of your comfort zone always means effort – you're guaranteed to achieve mind-blowing results, like so many open-minded people have so far.

This app is created by two time management freaks who use it every single day, no exception. It means it's not just some product – it's an ever evolving piece of life-changing software made with love, cared about every day, tweaked and tested all the time – you cannot lose investing your time in it.

Join us today. Harness your time. Experience the difference.

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