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Foursquare is an application that allows you to stay up to date about the places your friends recommend to you.

The main advantage it gives is that you can know what places your friends recommend, but also you can learn tricks or make sure you don’t miss anything thanks to the messages that the rest of the sites visitors leave.

You can compete with your friends in a type of game, where you count the number of visits, the number of different places visited and the frequency of the visits. All of these statistics are visible form your profile.

Also, Foursquare now allows you to take advantage of special offers given by business owners just for recommending places to their friends.

When you first sign up, Foursquare locates you and looks for places you can check into. Each check in gives you points which, if collected enough, make you the mayor of that place. As if you were a boyscout you can unlock badges visiting the same place frequently (the gym would be a great idea).

“Places” means usually bars and shops, but they are also bus stops, the nearest park or the farthest romantic spot. There are places that offer special prizes and discounts if you can show that you are Mayor of that place. The list of associated places is growing every day and players can add more to the overall list.

You can leave comments for those who came to that place in the future, so Foursquare can be a very powerful social tool for local shops and starting business.

Foursquare was born to become much more than a social geocatching game. It will achieve its goal when the number of associated places is really significant. Meanwhile, it’s fun to play competing against friends and neighbors just strolling around home.

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Editors Notes
Foursquare is a location-based service, but it's also a social game.
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Changelog / What's New in V20160522
Can’t decide on steak or salad? Need to read a few tips or see some photos before ordering? With this release, you’ll see the place we think you’re at right when you open the app. Tap through to see more info and easily make a choice. Never be indecisive again! Good news for the list-makers of the world! You can now mark the places you’ve already visited to keep track of where you’ve been. Lists are a great way to stay organized, and you can remember where you got that steak...or salad forever.