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Flow Free is a puzzle game where you have to build tubes of different colors starting from different points scattered around a grid, with the goal of completely covering the grid.

Flow Free is already a classic puzzle game of connections: solve every level by connecting each dot of the same color. How to do that? Simply, draw a line between them by following these restrictions: fill all the cells and never draw over another color. If you follow the rules, you’ll be able to keep on advancing.

At the beginning of each level, you have different points of color placed around the grid, and the goal will be to join them together forming networks of pipes without having any of them cross over the others.

In total, Flow Free has more than a thousand different levels that you can play however you want. Your main goal is to complete each level using the smallest possible number of movements. In addition, you can play against the clock if you want things to be a little more difficult.

Visually speaking, despite being extremely simple, Flow Free is quite attractive thanks to the different colored tubes.

Flow Free is a puzzle game that has very simple mechanics but presents a fun, appealing challenge that will keep you hooked for hours.

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Editors Notes
You'll never stop connecting dots: there are easy levels, of course, but the difficulty soon increases and you'll end up racking your brains, trying to figure out the only solution to each one of the most difficult levels. In addition, there's the Time Ttial mode, where you put your strategy and speed into test at the same time.
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fix some bugs