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Fitbit is an app that lets you keep a complete record of your physical activity as well as your eating habits and even your sleep schedule.

The optimal way to use the Fitbit app is alongside one its devices (for sale on its webpage), which help you measure your physical activity throughout the day: the steps you take, stairs you climb, calories you burn, etc.

Don’t you know Fitbit? I recommend you to give a tour through their site since it’s way more than a simple app: it’s an ecosystem of gadgets, professionals, software and hardware oriented to help you form new healthy lifestyle habits.

Even you aren’t really into buying that sort of gadgets for monitoring your activity, I invite you to give a glance at this app. If you’re an absent-minded, disorganized and chaotic one, this is going to help you put some order in your life. What better than starting from how you look and feel?

Once signed up, you’ll be able to input your personal data like weight and height, weight loss goals or activity goals like kilometers or steps/day or week. Likewise, you can input food and quantity you’re eating along the day. There’s a huge database of meals and its calories. This way you’ll know how much activity you have to do in order to fulfill your daily calories goal.

It can sound annoying inputting all your meals and, actually, first days you can feel that way. However, if you’re persistent, you’ll get into the habit and then Fitbit will work for you: stats from the very first moment you added foods and activity, weight loss, advises and many more. It’s fully compatible with other apps like Endomondo, TargetWeight or Fitbolt (amongst others).

Besides measuring your physical activity, Fitbit also helps you keep a record of the water you drink and the food you eat. The app recommends a daily amount of water you should consume, so each time you have a glass you should note it down on the app. Fitbit also recommends a certain number of calories you shouldn’t go over in a day, and lets you write down the food you eat.

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Fitbit, in short, can become a central switchboard for keeping your habits healthy. It lets you control everything about your health: athletic activity, eating habits, water consumption, etc.
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