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Faily Breaks is a driving game where players have to try to control a vehicle whose brakes have completely gone out at the worst possible moment. The only available solution is to drive downhill trying to dodge all the obstacles that appear along the way.

You get to drive around a cartoon car, trying to navigate around obstacles, stay alive, avoid crashing, and figure out just how the car works. You have to collect coins as you go so that you can upgrade your car. There are plenty of options and fun Easter eggs in Faily Brakes.

This game’s control system is very simple. Without any brakes, you’ll have to turn left and right avoiding obstacles. If you do inevitably hit something, for example a tree, your poor driver will fly through your windshield landing head first onto the ground. Luckily, you’ll pick up boosters that’ll make your crashes a little less damaging by cushioning some of your falls and crashes.

While heading downhill you get to change camera angles. That way you’ll get the chance to watch first hand or from a third person viewpoint. Controls in the game are always the same but many players find it easier to control their car from a third person point of view because you get a wider vision of your surroundings.

Faily Brakes is a super fun endless runner that usually doesn’t last too long due to its difficulty level. In the beginning, as usual, you’ll only get to choose one car, but as the game progresses you’ll get to unlock over 20 different vehicles.

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Editors Notes
A lightweight game with great controls, Faily Brakes is a pretty solid app that works well. There aren't any bugs to speak of, and it never freezes. The game itself is fun to play, and the controls add an element of surprise.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.18
Introducing Anita Brakes! A new playable character. 16 new cars including The Monty which doubles your pickups and gives you a bonus 1000 credits! New jump sections. New powerup. Improved first person mode.