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Dude Perfect 2 is a basketball shooting game where your objective is NOT to make as many baskets as possible in a fixed amount of time, but to make the most spectacular plays imaginable.

They started out on YouTube and are now a global phenomenon. We’re talking about Dude Perfect, an entertainment group that mixes sports with humor, which has now got a second version of their own game. It’s in the same vain as Angry Birds, but with a basketball, where you’ve got to shoot loads of balls with several obstacles in the way, over a variety of levels, of different difficulties.

The controls in Dude Perfect 2 are very simple: holding down your finger on the screen lets you control the direction and strength of the throw, while tapping the ball button shoots the ball. In most of the levels, you’ll have more than one kind of ball so you can choose which one you want to throw.

The normal basketball works for most of the baskets, but at times, you’ll have to use the bowling ball, which, being much heavier, goes much farther and lets you break glass and get around other obstacles. In lots of levels you’ll have to perform amazing feats to sink the ball into the basket.

In Dude Perfect 2 you’ll find no less than 90 different levels. In addition, although at the beginning you’ll only have access to five different characters, you can unlock many others and even different types of balls.

Dude Perfect 2 is a different and fun basketball game with good graphics and loads of content.

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Editors Notes
Dude Perfect 2 is a really entertaining game. The main objective is to shoot hoops in our friends’ baskets. To get this right, you gotta figure out path and the strength of the shot, taking into account the obstacles involved and the different challenges set by the Dude Perfect 2 Team. The game has some nice graphics (based on illustrations) and a good gameplay. You can also access the daily mini-games and rewards. It’s perfect for basketball fans and for anyone else who just wants to kill time with a simple game.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.5.1
- Enjoy the new Weekly Competition mode! A new challenge where you compete for the best score in your country, world and even against the Dudes!!! We hope you like this new mode we created for you! - Bug fixes and general improvements.