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Dragon City is a social simulation game in which you have to create a magical city where all of your dragons can live comfortably and pleasantly. You have to give them a place to sleep, food, entertainment, and everything else they need to be happy.

Dragon City Mobile is a management game where you get to build a magical city for dragons while breeding them and hatching eggs to create new species. When the dragons are grown-up, you will also be able to combat against opponents from all over the world.

Players can find, train, and master more than a hundred different dragons. In addition, as the game is updated each week, the number of available dragons grows. However, you do have to have a city that is nice enough to attract the dragons.

The main goal of Dragon City is to train your dragons so that they can combat against other players online. So, by combining the ten different species of dragons, you can try to beat the rest of the players in the Dragon City universe.

The application includes more than a hundred different dragons and also many goals to complete along the game. As you keep playing, you will discover new species: terra, flame, sea, nature and others, as well as enjoy the beautiful graphics. The graphics are impressive and very detailed.

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Editors Notes
Dragon City is a fun social game that kids will probably like best due to its youthful theme, though players who are a little more grown up might find it appealing too. In any case, this is a very well-polished game.
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Changelog / What's New in V4.2
A never-before-seen feature will arrive in Dragon City any moment now: Heroic Races! Compete against other Dragon Masters for different rewards, and to the victor goes the spoils: a dragon with a brand new rarity, Heroic! Everyone can win a prize, all you need to do is complete the minimum number of laps to qualify for rewards. And remember, if you want the exclusive Heroic Dragon, you’ll have to beat the other Dragon Masters in your race! On your mark, get set, GO!