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Feel the rhythm of the vibrations of music with this extraordinary game where you have to prove how skilled you are with your fingers, and see how far you can get in one of the most impressive music games available.

Cytus is mainly based on touching the buttons that appear on the screen while a line moves along them. You have to touch the buttons right at the exact moment.

When it seemed that music games where outdated, Cytus showed up, patching the usual shortages of the genre it belongs. Not only gameplay goes a little bit further than awaiting notes to fall at the bottom of the screen, but also it brings some fresh air in the form of a plot about robots and feelings. By the way, Cytus is a place where robots stored human emotions converted to music in order to keep alive what mankind was. It may not be a big deal by itself, but combined with the precious backgrounds and the fast beat trance music it creates somehow an atmosphere.

One of the most important features of this game is, unexpectedly, difficulty levels, because higher difficulties are, literally, unbeatable. Therefore, first at all, try to find a difficulty level you feel comfortable with. Then try to tap on the notes when the timeline is more centered the better. Know that it’s tricky even if you have played this kind of games before. The only remarkable flaws are that there’s no option to create tracks based on your own music library, and there isn’t any way to play versus or co-op.

Game includes a hundred songs, compiled into a story mode. Upgrading it to premium doesn’t release new songs, but gets you rid of the cooldown time to replay a song instead.

Keep in mind that just pressing a button isn’t always enough – sometimes you’ll need to slide various buttons, which will require your full concentration and understanding of the melody.

The game’s sound track is made up of 94 songs, some of which are hidden among the creations of the world’s most important composers, and played over beautiful hand-painted illustrations.

There are nine levels of difficulty, some of which are truly insane, and others which you’ll need to pass if you want to gain access to new challenges.

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Editors Notes
This game is definitively worth of giving it a go, both by newcomers to music games and by who has already a great deal of experience. Cytus embodies what music games should be, and it's a pity it wasn't released years ago to set the standards of the genre.
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Changelog / What's New in V9.1.2
-New 20 charts added for Chapter L, giving you a brand new gaming experience -All existing Chapter L charts retained -Revised some charts on more accurate timing