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Here we provide Custom Interval Timer V 1.0.9 for Android 2.3.2+ Custom Interval Timer allows you to create your own custom countdown workouts.
– Great for your workouts and training
– Easy to setup
– Gives voice, vibration, and sound feedback
– Customizable timer names, interval names, colors, fonts, and other settings

Use it as your go-to interval training timer.

Create your own custom workout timers:
– Use it to create simple "Work-Rest" intervals that repeat for any number of rounds (typical of High Intensity Interval Training workouts).
– Or use it for more customized workouts with varying times for "Work" and "Rest" periods.
– Want to define exactly what you'll be doing during a "Work" period? You can name your intervals!
– Want to extend the rest periods the deeper you get into your workout? You can customize your interval times!
– Text-to-speech will let you know which exercise is coming up next, giving you a 5 second countdown.
– Text-to-speech will also let you know which exercise to do next (after the 5 second countdown) and will also let you know when your workout comes to an end!
– You can change your settings and have your device use vibration or sound feedback.
– You can change the color theme of your timer.
– You can change the font type and size of the countdown timer to see it from a distance

Custom Interval Timer was designed to be simple and easy to use:
– To create a "Timer," you set up an "Interval List"
– You set up an Interval List by adding "Intervals" to the list
– Add as many Intervals to the Interval List as you'd like
– Customize each Interval by giving it a name and a time to countdown from
– You can cycle through the Interval List as many times as you'd like (1-99) by changing the "Rounds" number
– Select your Timers by swiping left or right on the Interval List

Custom Interval Timer has playback controls that work similar to any media player:
– You can Play or Pause the Timer
– Skip Forward to the next interval or Skip Back to the previous one

Custom Interval Timer feedback system:
By default, Custom Interval Timer uses Text-to-Speech (TTS) to announce selected Timers and Intervals and to give a 5 second countdown before an Interval ends. This makes it seem like you have your own workout trainer, guiding you through your workout. If you would rather avoid the voice and still get notifications, the feedback system can be changed to vibration feedback. NEW: you can now also use "sound options" for sound feedback.

– There is a maximum of 5 Timers (the maximum will be increased in a future update)

Positive reviews and +1's are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for any support.

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Very interesting game, I can spend a whole day to play, it is worth downloading, it is strongly recommended.
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