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Colors United is a puzzle game where players have to make all the squares on each level the same color. You start off being able to control the color of only one square, and when you change it to a different color, it will join up with all the other matching ones.

How to handle it?
★ Flood all cells in the field with one shade by using as few turns as possible
★ In every move you pick a tone and you try to capture the surrounding figures with the color of your choosing.
★ Plan your moves efficiently because the jazziness of united colors can be rough sometimes.
★ You will be rewarded with three stars if you can finish the level with two remaining moves
★In each level, there is a bonus task. If you can unlock them, you will be able to play bonus levels.
★ Rules change with levels. There is always a new object to tackle in and you should renew your strategy for each level to cope.
★ Board is sorted in a randomly generated order. On very rare occasions, there is a chance that the board becomes easier or harder than other boards of the repeated levels.
★ Circle: A circle can capture all its surrounding figures.
★ Square: A square invades only 4 neighboring squares. Corners are not counted.
★ Diamond: Diamonds are just like squares. They only connect with adjacent objects that are touching via edges.
★ Hex: A hex is connected with all surrounding objects. So both edges and corners are counted.
not corners.
While playing, you will constantly find yourself in awkward situations that will force you to think and concentrate even harder. Even if you feel desperate at one point or another, by playing carefully and calmly you can see that each level has an optimal solution.

With this simple process you’ll have to try to turn all the squares on each level the same color. And you’ll get a bonus if you can get the final color to match the color of that particular level. Of course, ending up with one specific color is more difficult and will definitely require some strategy.

Altogether, Colors United has more than 75 different levels, including some bonus levels that you’ll be able to access if you beat all the other ones. You’ll also be able to play Colors United against a friend (or the computer) in a versus mode that’s very entertaining.

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Editors Notes
Colors United is a puzzle game that's as original as it is fun. It also has some really beautiful graphics. A perfect game for touchscreen devices that will keep you hooked for hours.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.4.1
- Deleted not important permissions - Fixed one visual bug with smiles - Returned dark theme