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Castle Clash is a strategy and management game in which you collect resources, build structures to create a village, and recruit an army made up of tons of different creatures.

That latter, and most fun, phase of the game is when you direct your army against other players, who you can challenge over the Internet whenever you want.

This is the German version of Castle Clash. For your convenience, our original review on the English one can be read below

In a world shared by Elves and Robots don’t expect they live peacefully for too long. Instead, here’s a real time strategy game in where both sides can freely smack each other, ask for allies (Dwarves and Beasts) and in the meanwhile, raise a sort-of empire or city of dreams.

Castle Clash design is great, and playability has been wisely adapted to mobile devices. As it would be too cumbersome too deploy and order tens of units, they are invoked by squads. There are also heroes who can command your troops and fight against other players’ heroes in the online arena.

Graphics are zoom-in-able, though it doesn’t ensure any advantage in battle. In addition to battling, you have also to manage your resources and build structures to hire and upgrade units. These structures are bought by a mix of resources and time. If you don’t like to wait, premium currency (blue crystals) will do the work. Lastly, non-canonical design with elves riding helicopters and wooden golems razing walls may not be of your liking.

You’ll be able to build more than a dozen different buildings and recruit all kinds of creatures with their own special powers. So plan your troops wisely, both in quality as well as quantity.

For example, an army made up entirely of archers may work pretty well at the beginning of a battle, but as soon as your opponent charges at your position, you’re toast. That’s why it’s so important to find the ideal balance between force, ability, and magic.

Castle Clash is a free-to-play strategy game that allows you to face off online in intense multiplayer battles, where hundreds of units may be crowding your screen at the same time.

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Editors Notes
In conclusion, a fun strategy game for mobiles, perhaps far what PC owners are used to, but above average in mobile gaming by far.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.2.88
1. Removed the prompts related to time bonus rewards from the Quest Board (Relating to having no slots in the Warehouse or holding the maximum number of an item). 2. Fixed the issue of Beast Tamer becoming stuck in the Arena (Occurred when Beast Tamer has Lv 5 Revitalize and the opponent also has a Hero that uses their skill at the start of battle). 3. Adjusted the sensitivity of sliding on buttons. Need more help? Email [] with your IGG ID.