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Here we provide Bubble Widgets + Wear Launcher V 6.74 for Android 4.1+ Bubbles grow with use: more frequently used items stand out from the crowd
2-in-1 app! get Bubble Clouds both
► on your phone+tablet → HOMESCREEN FOLDERS and WIDGETS
use it on either, or on both!
★★★★★ ANDROID WEAR ★★★★★
► App Drawer
(similar to other android wear mini launchers)
► Interactive watch-face (the launcher becomes your watch face!)
► Fun+practical: you can fit many more icons → less swiping to find something
► Variable icon sizes → preset or according their use frequency
► Split apps into groups (favorites+archive) → better organization
► Watch face with configurable "live" info (date, watch/phone battery, weather, step count)
► Much control over the look → only Wear Launcher with full icon pack support
► 1st ever app with sticky open → double tap to keep app on screen (without battery hit) no ambient mode needed
► Full screen clock with smooth moving seconds hand
► Start Tasker tasks from the watch-face or app-drawer
► Screen lock to prevent accidental touches
► 1-touch Voice search
► Watch-face color by the minute of the hour → granularly 0=blue 15=green 30=yellow 45=red
► Smart auto layouts → arrange icons automatically in various layouts or…
►…full control using the Drag and drop watchface Layout Editor
► Customize look of the clock
Favorite contacts screen to start calls, text or email conversations
► Very battery friendly on watch AND phone → Guaranteed: no wake-locks!
► Over 30 ready made 1-click themes in 4 downloadable theme packs
► transparent app drawer:
add info-widgets to any watch-face
► full icon pack support → use standards icon packs to theme your watch
► smart auto layouts → not just random clouds any more
► brightness control half a swipe away
► dim ambient watch face → (make it barely visible for theater/night!) using a lower ambient brightness
► stand-up alert function via paid plugin
► ALL Android Wear: Huawei, Moto 360, LG GW/GWR/Urbane, ZenWatch, Sony SW3, Casio Smart…
► NOT compatible with Samsung Gear (Tizen)
Variable sized icons on your home screens in clusters → New way to access your stuff:
► App Bubble Clouds: add icons one by one, or in bulk, or turn on auto-population by Play Store categories. Apply any standard icon pack. More frequently used app icons grow larger
► Contact Bubble Clouds: add people by contact group or recent call list, auto-population. Tap icons to call, text, email, or to show contact info. Set contact images from photos easily
► Bookmark Bubble Cloud: add web-links by screenshot or favicon
► Bubble Folders:
clouds in pop-up windows
► bubble opening animation (beta)
► full icon pack support
► add bubbles to start Tasker tasks
► widgets work with most widget-capable launchers
► non-compliant launchers need setting "launcher compatibility mode"
► folders work with shortcut-capable launchers
► good use of screen real-estate on both phones and tablets!
► this app has more to offer than might show on the surface
► more complex features are explained in visual instructions
► constant development with emphasis on user feedback
►1 App Bubble Cloud with all the features
►1 Bookmark Bubble Cloud
►1 Bubble Cloud Folder
► full developer support
► no time limit
► no ads
►well over 100,000 installs
► Android Police, Business Insider, Android Central, Yahoo tech, Gizmodo, AndroidPit, SlashGear…
► see http://www.apkedu.com

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